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Year in Review | Couples

Couples. Now this is where things got real in 2016. Photographing couples exploded (for me) in 2016. If you read my previous year-end post – there were a lot of firsts for CKP in 2016 and while a handful of those came with the portrait […]

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Randy + Jenna

I could go on and on about these two. Once upon a time… a long LONG time ago – Randy and I attended high school together. With only a graduating class of about 27 students we hung out quite a bit! We even made homecoming […]

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Brad + Sierra

You guys see the post from the mountain biking couple? Well, they got married the next day and, if you can imagine, the wedding was even better and sprinkled with even more badass… [again, more French {sorry France} but check the mountain bike post] This […]

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