Brad + Sierra


You guys see the post from the mountain biking couple? Well, they got married the next day and, if you can imagine, the wedding was even better and sprinkled with even more badass… [again, more French {sorry France} but check the mountain bike post] This […]

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Lester | Ghost Town


You guys. I’m SO ready for Halloween. It’s a big deal in our house + I’ve already got the pumpkins out, wearing my Jack Skellington T-shirt and the skeleton version of my beagle is sitting on the front porch (that’s morbid I guess). That being […]

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Randy + Jenna


One of the sweetest sessions to date! Randy and I went to high school together but as much as I hate to admit it – that seems like a looooong time ago! So getting to share in this covert operation with him was so much fun. […]

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