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Kira Korsmo

It has to be true that every life Kira comes in contact with is happier because of it. She brought SO MUCH JOY and laughter to our session that I had to remind myself to “keep the camera up while she laughs” because I couldn’t […]

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Sina Pritchard

Glory be. I love this girl. Inside + Out (clearly easy to photograph) but also up for any location anytime! I’ve always said my favorite places to photograph are spots I don’t run into lots of other photographers or spots where I haven’t shot a […]

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Year in Review | Portraits

I am constantly blown away by this business. Both in it’s ability to overwhelm + overjoy. Since kicking off CKP in 2012 – I didn’t really have any idea of where I might take it but I’ve kept growing since the beginning and 2016 was […]

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