You are going to LOVE these guys. I get the pleasure of sharing a school campus with Emily a couple days a week when I work in the school district during the year – she is fantastic – and Matt her PERFECT partner… and Lloyd the beagle to top it off.

If you didn’t love them before – a beagle in the wedding + a first dance song by N’SYNC (sung word for word by the groom) should certainly put you over the edge. So much fun to shoot this one and plenty of laughter editing my way through. πŸ™‚

Congrats on the new family Lloyd!!

A few favorite moments from the bride and groom:

Matt: “Arriving at the venue and walking out there for the first time since we picked it out and immediately tearing up. Seeing Lloyd bop down the aisle. Immediately getting tears when I heard the song emily was walking down to come on, the first dance and seeing all of the bridesmaids standing next to each other making fun of me singing, accidentally seeing Emily in her dress (whoops!), lounging around all day with my best friends, writing my vows an hour before the ceremony πŸ˜† “…

Emily: “Seeing Matt up there with tears in his eyes, listening to him sing every single word of our first dance πŸ˜† My favorite feeling was walking back down the aisle with him and all of the excitement! That, and waking up the next morning knowing all of the planning is done and we just get to be married know.”

Lloyd: “Snacks, sleeping on stage + a new mom.”

Venue: Black Diamond Gardens

Rings + Dresses + Suits: Shane Co. + The Wedding Bell, Fashion Fittings + Mens Wearhouse

Catering + DJ: New York Cater + Good Vibrations