Time has begun moving faster and faster (as I was always told it would – I guess I just never believed it) … Just about 11 months ago we gathered for some sweet backyard wedding nuptials with these two beautiful humans and just a week or so ago, I met their sweet little newborn. So full of love this family is and they have created such a beautiful little girl!

One of the other things about growing up is that I looooove my sleep. I remember hating going to bed when I was little and now I apologize to sleep for all the nasty things I said – because I love it. So much. haha… But, keeping yourself awake when you would rather be sleeping is tough tough business… but babies seem to keep honing that skill. Refusing to sleep even when it’s what you really really want. This sweet little lady – and all her wide-eyed, sleep-refusal photos – I’m totally in love.