Many of you know the love I have for all things canine… This couple and their four legged beagle friend are like my dream couple. (I love my own beagle too!) I am so totally guilty of getting so excited to see another beagle that I greeted the dog well before the couple when we all arrived for photos. Beagles just have the best personality and I LOVE to include pups in your photos… Can’t wait to see this little dude perform his ring bearer duties next summer!


allllllllllllll of my Facebook + social media feeds today are all heavy #StormWatch2016 up here in the Pacific Northwest and our reaction to rain still amazes me. We flood EVERY YEAR and no one is ever ready for it. We did get a bit of a tornado on the coast though! Wild for our neck of the woods. It’s a little crazy out there this weekend but I’m glad our storms are nothing in comparison to recent weather phenomenon around the globe.


Anyhow, I digress! It wasn’t NEARLY that stormy when we all got together for these photos but we did embrace the moody tones and rainy beach weather for this session. A more an more common experience as we get further into the Pacific Northwest’s winter rainy season.

Looking forward to the warm sunshine that will accompany their wedding in the summer!

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