This was one of the sweetest ceremonies I’ve shot to date. Milos + Auberry come from two very different worlds but have come together to make a crazy beautiful family. Their ceremony consisted of so many perfect moments. If you’re a sucker for an emotional groom – you’ll like this one for sure. When their youngest came up to them during the ceremony, they didn’t hesitate to hold him. When his toy broke during the vows, Milos didn’t skip a beat to stop what he was doing and fix it for him. These two know they are a family and a wedding ceremony is SO much more than the two standing in front of each other. Love it. SO much.

All that being said, being Serbian + Filipino this was perhaps one of the only times I’ll get to witness some of the traditions they shared – made this one memorable for sure!

The shooting of the apple is one of the most common Serbian traditions when it comes to wedding customs. It’s still being performed all over Serbia. It’s when the father-in-law hangs an apple on the highest tree in the bride’s yard (or in this case, on Military soil, affixed to a target) and until the groom shoots it, the bride can’t leave the house. Only when he takes off the apple from the tree, he is allowed to enter the bride’s house. This is to gain the rights to see the girl. (how cute is that? Setting the bar for sure)

The veil and the cord represented belonging to each other and no one else – a sign of commitment.

Lastly they also exchanged coins or “arras” – Originally, there was an understanding of husband as “bread winner” and wife as “home maker” so the coins were given and received not in a spirit of reciprocity but in a give and take relationship. Nowadays the coins are a reminder of good stewardship for all couples; that they will mutually support each other, their children and the world around them.

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