You guys see the post from the mountain biking couple? Well, they got married the next day and, if you can imagine, the wedding was even better and sprinkled with even more badass… [again, more French {sorry France} but check the mountain bike post]

This couple. I can’t get enough. I’d literally follow them around and take photos forever and I think I’d be a happy girl. [already a happy girl, but that’s beside the point]

From venue, to attire, to the wedding party, to the stars, to the motorcycle (all the heart eyes)

Some vendor/DIY love:

Venue: Tin Roof Barn

Decor + Florals: Many hands make light work! Done by wedding party!

DJ/Music: 3 Js

Caterer: Michoacan Grill + DIY

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Men’s Suits/Tuxes: Bonobos

Day-of Wedding Coordinator: Elena Fracchia

Hair/Makeup: Jamie O’Neill, Alluring Look

brad-sierra-1 brad-sierra-2 brad-sierra-3 brad-sierra-4 tin roof barn lavender and mason jars bhldn wedding dress

this part of the day was perfect… If you give your bridesmaids the freedom to choose their own dresses – so long as they get the color palette right… they might show up like this. πŸ˜€ Keep scrolling for the actual killer good-lookin’ bridesmaids dresses

brad-sierra-9 roses brad-sierra-11 brad-sierra-12 brad-sierra-13 brad-sierra-14 kitchen brad-sierra-16 getting ready getting ready earrings bridesmaids brad-sierra-20 brad-sierra-21 brad-sierra-22 brad-sierra-23 brad-sierra-24 brad-sierra-25 brad-sierra-26 first look laughter brad-sierra-28 brad-sierra-29 brad-sierra-30 first look bow and twirl brad-sierra-32 brad-sierra-33 brad-sierra-34 brad-sierra-35 brad-sierra-36 brad-sierra-37 brad-sierra-38 brad-sierra-39 brad-sierra-40 brad-sierra-41 brad-sierra-42 brad-sierra-43 brad-sierra-44Β Β brad-sierra-46 brad-sierra-47 wedding couple bridesmaids brad-sierra-50 groomsmen brad-sierra-52 brad-sierra-53 brad-sierra-54 just swinging through bride brad-sierra-57 groom brad-sierra-59 scenerybrad-sierra-60Β Β brad-sierra-62 brad-sierra-63 brad-sierra-64 pre ceremony prayer with the grooms family here comes your bride brad-sierra-67 brad-sierra-68 brad-sierra-69 brad-sierra-70 brad-sierra-72laughterΒ Β brad-sierra-73 brad-sierra-74 brad-sierra-75 barn wedding brad-sierra-77 brad-sierra-78 table numbers brad-sierra-80 sunlightwedding pieΒ Β  brad-sierra-84 first dancebrad-sierra-85 friends brad-sierra-87 dance brad-sierra-89 brad-sierra-90 brad-sierra-91 brad-sierra-92 dancing chandelier harley davidson motorcycle brad-sierra-97 brad-sierra-98 brad-sierra-99 brad-sierra-100 brad-sierra-101 brad-sierra-102 brad-sierra-103 brad-sierra-104 out of focus black and white brad-sierra-107 brad-sierra-108 brad-sierra-109 brad-sierra-110