I met Cristina (ANOTHER Christina on the year…) through this couple from last season + when I met her I knew we were a great match! A bride who loves to laugh and be goofy and laid – back … like speaking my language. Not only that but she happens to be a stellar hair + makeup artist for my senior photos <3


Anyhow. I think Cristina + Alex have such a sweet love. Dating for TWELVE YEARS prior to getting married this was like an opportunity to dress up and kiss your best friend in front of all your loved ones. Not a bad idea I don’t think.


Couldn’t be happier for you guys! alex-cristina-1 alex-cristina-2 alex-cristina-3 alex-cristina-4 alex-cristina-5 alex-cristina-6 alex-cristina-7 alex-cristina-8 alex-cristina-9 alex-cristina-10 alex-cristina-11 alex-cristina-12 alex-cristina-13 alex-cristina-14 alex-cristina-15 alex-cristina-16 alex-cristina-17 alex-cristina-18 alex-cristina-19 alex-cristina-20 alex-cristina-21 alex-cristina-22 alex-cristina-23 alex-cristina-24 alex-cristina-25 alex-cristina-26 alex-cristina-27 alex-cristina-28 alex-cristina-29 alex-cristina-30 alex-cristina-31 alex-cristina-32 alex-cristina-33 alex-cristina-34 alex-cristina-35 alex-cristina-36 alex-cristina-37 alex-cristina-38 alex-cristina-39 alex-cristina-40 alex-cristina-41 alex-cristina-42 alex-cristina-43 alex-cristina-44 alex-cristina-45 alex-cristina-46 alex-cristina-47 alex-cristina-48 alex-cristina-49 alex-cristina-50 alex-cristina-51 alex-cristina-52 alex-cristina-53 alex-cristina-54 alex-cristina-55 alex-cristina-56 alex-cristina-57 alex-cristina-58 alex-cristina-59 alex-cristina-60 alex-cristina-61 alex-cristina-62 alex-cristina-63 alex-cristina-64 alex-cristina-65 alex-cristina-66 alex-cristina-67