Street Photography Las Vegas

While conferencing our little hearts out at WPPI 2016 in Las Vegas, fellow photog Julia Kinnunen and I hit the streets in the sunshine for a little photo time. Partying isn’t really our scene and there was so much about Las Vegas, off the strip, that I wanted to be able to photograph. Plus, we’d both been itching for some scenery that is different than our PNW flavor.

Vegas is such an interesting place. I used to really have a chip on my shoulder towards the city, but, believe it or not, hanging out with an uber driver or two really gave me a new perspective on the place. Plus, the uber situation (only around since November) in Vegas is super weird and the hotels & taxi drivers have a real vendetta against them. It’s crazyΒ interesting.

Chatted away with a retiring firefighter while he drove me around the city – he talked of his family living in the city since the 30’s and how it’s been changing (in some ways for the better). He talked about the hills and the canyons and Lake Mead and the Valley of Fire and the ski resort (that’s still open right now in the desert!)…

When you travel – get the local perspective. It changes things.

Las Vegas Street Photography

This “little” guy had walked about one block in the sun when he sat down on the sidewalk and said “no thanks. I’m done.”