I dated myself with that post title, but who doesn’t love Tia & Tamara?!

Anyhow. These two sisters are pretty much the cutest (and fiercest). We looked outside to check the weather (as is common in the great PNW) & when we saw sunshine – we prepped for a fun, carefree sisters photoshoot.

These girls really pushed even MY limits as a photographer & I loved every minute of it. Hopefully you think it shows in the photos cause I seriously can’t stop looking at them!

Its good to get out and just shoot for fun – return to the creative and live carefree for an afternoon. It’s important to do this with people you love though – at a moment when I wanted to get the perfect shot & didn’t have a step stool to raise me up to meet my subject at eye level (she was perched on a ledge), one of these beauties lovingly pushed me up from behind (quite literally) & I had to snap the shot quickly before we all fell with laughter. Sometimes you need a second photographer to come & just document the craziness that happens behind the scenes.

Well – we had a brilliant time. Wandered along the river and meandered around tracks (that were under construction), we chatted, we laughed. All in all, a beautiful day with beautiful company.