This beautiful family has been in front of my lens A LOT lately & we aren’t done yet. If you are local, it is likely you know them and you have something positive to say about how this family has affected your life in one way or another. There is so much love that flows in this house it’s almost overwhelming! You don’t go to the Pritchard’s for a quiet, lonely, moment. You go there expecting to be embraced with love, laughter & invitations to stay for dinner.

I was overjoyed when I was asked to be a part of planning this surprise proposal. Weeks ahead of time, plans were still forming, times and methods of proposal were changing, visitors were coming into town and how could we get as many people involved as possible.

Finally, we landed on Easter Sunday. A family gathering was planned to honor Jonathan and his commitment to the Lord and to being a man of courage and faith (a completion of a men’s Bible Study he had been in). Even his parents were visiting for such a time as this.

After a very sweet and moving declaration of his commitment to the Lord, Jonathan bent on one knee and declared his life long commitment to his beautiful Dani & her sweet Payton. There were no dry eyes, and we were not want for smiling faces – even family from Eastern Washington, California and Tennessee were looking on through FaceTime.

This family doesn’t do celebration quietly. They live love loudly and in big ways.

Such an honor to see so many people so happy & to capture moments of two people so in love.

Click here to watch their sweet video. <3