What are these things? Goals? Resolutions? … I was working with a sixth grader the other day who was telling me all about her new year’s “revolutions”… I didn’t have the heart to correct her – at least she made them.

And here I am. I’ve made n.o.n.e.

Our pastor is really good and each year I can predict that he will teach us about making goals and writing things down and sometimes I say “ugh. I’ve heard this before.”

But what have I done about it?

I work with a lot of high school students and we tell them – “read your bible. love others. jesus loves you. be holy as he is holy.” and they say, “ugh. I’ve heard this before.”

But what have they done about it?

So. It’s time I eat my words and make a few changes. I’m sure that I’ve blogged before about how I’m “waiting to grow up”. I watch others around me who are [almost] 30 {yikes} and they get up early – make their bed – raise children – make children – read the Bible – make coffee – maintain a home – sometimes a job. And I wonder – when will that be me?

I think I rely too much on the Joneses. I have to decide what I want. And less about how I want my life to be like someone else’s. If you haven’t read Bob Goff’s book “Love Does”…. can you read? and do you have $11? …. It’s Thursday and that means I can quit anything I want. So – I quit wondering what everyone else is doing in order to be the me that God made me to be [say that 5 times fast].

How do I do that?

It’s a silly way…. but I blog more. I used to be in a place where I blogged MY OWN thoughts frequently. Now I only find myself reading someone else’s. So all that to say –

#1. BLOG.

Here we go.