Once, I was run-over by a semi-truck.
That’s not a joke. I purchased my first car – a sweet 4 door Saab 900 and, while waiting for a semi to make the turn out of a parking lot – he made the turn a little too sharp and his back tires rolled over the hood of my car. There was no room to back up with a line of cars behind me so I just pulled my knees into my chest and hoped for the best.
When I finally got some insurance $$ I found my next baby – a super cute 2 door Saab 900… Down deep I recognize that cars don’t have feelings like we do [thank goodness] After a minor set-back, I left my Saab sitting for nearly TWO years before I, on Wednesday, finally watched her roll out of her parking spot for good.Β 
I sold her [to a good friend]. And it was on my list. #35 has been accomplished… Many more to tackle.Β