What a beautiful young lady! All day I sat in my office listening to the rains POUR down on my roof thinking – I don’t know how we’re going to make this afternoon shoot work! 
But all it really takes is a willing participant! I love the rain and don’t mind getting out there. Much of this shoot I was traipsing around the streets of Tacoma barefoot having stepped into a massive puddle and soaked my shoes through. 
I felt much more free to move around once I’d just embraced the rain – [there’s a deep lesson in there somewhere.]
Kiyoko sure was a trooper and just shrugged the rain away and stood out there like it was no big deal. Couldn’t be happier for her!
Congrats Kiyoko!
 I love this picture. I thought it was super fitting since she just moved here from New York in July – funny coincidence.