So… I’m posting on here just because I need to get these thoughts down. This is just rambling. No photos today. Just me. And some real life.

I really pissed some people off this week (pardon my french). I have been working in youth ministry for about 10 years and this is one of the first times I called out a few students on some behaviors that were driving me nuts! I really like to sugar-coat things… because I really like to be liked (one of my many flaws). I’m not a fan of controversy and will avoid it if absolutely possible (funny though because I’m a completely different person when doing therapy with youth)…

Perhaps that’s what happened… I became less of a youth leader and more of a therapist… the kind that doesn’t put up with kids’ bull**… (again with the french)

I guess my intent is to get my word vomit down on “paper” so that I can clear these thoughts – maybe in the process, someone else who works with kids and lives out there in cyberspace would give me a little friendly advice.

I really got frustrated with some of the petty things happening between some of my ladies and I told them about it. Perhaps a little more harshly then they would have liked. And now, of course, as teenagers (and pre-teens) do.. they went off in a huff and I haven’t heard from them since. I stew over these things because I don’t want them to leave the church, but I couldn’t just let them keep thinking these behaviors are what will help them to grow and mature

… or could I?

I keep telling myself over and over that the mother of Jesus was around 15 years old. Why is it wrong for me to expect more out of the teens around me? Why is it wrong to belief they can make mature decisions for themselves? Why is it wrong to EXPECT that… What have we done to our teenagers?

… or when did I become cynical?