April 8, 2012… Sunday – I’m leaving… On a jet plane.
April 9, 2012… Monday – Oh Hello there.
April 10, 2012… Tuesday – Again.
April 11, 2012… Wednesday – And again… (love that gal’s face in front of me… and that you can’t even see the hubs)
April 12, 2012… Thursday – once again…
April 13, 2012… Friday – Yes. There’s more. (REALLY surprised I hadn’t thrown up yet.)… Did you know that (in general) the reason you receive these “transmission errors” instead of a picture is because someone either flashed the camera or flipped it off? I assure you that we did neither of those things – but I guess sometimes this happens anyway πŸ˜‰
April 14, 2012… Saturday – Finally home again… brought a little Disney with us and fell asleep on the couch watching Lady and the Tramp. πŸ™‚
It’s good to be home.
Naptime Momtog
All photos taken via instagram, @chrisklas orΒ online!