April 1, 2012… Sunday – I guess I’m a bit of a fool… The hubs brought home two autographed comic books from the Emerald City Comicon this weekend! 
April 2, 2012… Monday – Finally!! They have arrived… Not a moment too soon either – since we fly out in less than 7 days.
April 3, 2012… Tuesday – getting a nightcap… camera’s not so good when it’s facing towards you instead of out the other way…
April 4, 2012… Wednesday – poor girl… she’s been needing some sunshine – there’s just not enough of it. So when we go outside in the cold she doesn’t look very happy about it.
April 5, 2012… Thursday – I could go for some more of this…
April 6, 2012… Friday – And this,
April 7, 2012… Saturday. It’s true. I do.