Here I am again… loading on Monday what I had hoped to put up on Saturday… I don’t know what it is about the weekends – but the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer… (I guess 5 days of computer work is enough)… Can’t believe I’ve at least been consistent in posting a picture a day for over a month! (wish I’d been that consistent in some of my other goals…)
All photos taken via instagram, @chrisklas or online!

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And finally… Feb 11 – 
I am FAR from susie-home-maker. Saturday morning I purchased my very first cupcake pan and dusted off my hand mixer (I’d forgotten I even owned one of these.)
The middle school youth group run by the hubs and for which I am a long time volunteer, was having the annual “Valentine’s Dessert Fundraiser” on Saturday and Sunday. Worried we wouldn’t have enough desserts to make the amount of money we were hoping for – I volunteered to not only work/run the event but also bring a few dozen cupcakes along (normally I opt out of the baking part – to spare everyone else…) To my surprise though, it was kind of fun! (not to mention, it gave me something to photograph which is the real joy.) They turned out edible (that’s all I can ask) and we had a successful event!
“How sweet are your words to my taste… Sweeter than honey to the mouth”. Psalm 119:103

and then, she {snapped}