This is the trouble with keeping my work on several different computers. Checked one for the photo shoot I’d done with the sweet little babe that follows – and they weren’t there… figured, maybe I put them on the work computer… Well… sort of. The first half at least. We split this session over two days so I guess I’ll split the posts as well. The other half of the photos must be on the THIRD computer (laptop).
I was looking through my “Friday Photo Shoots” the other day, trying to compile all the work I’d done “for pay” and I couldn’t find this session posted anywhere. I couldn’t believe this ADORABLE little lady had been left out. So this session is a bit older but her cheeks are still totally squeezable…
(Also – I’ve compiled all the work I’ve done “semi-professionally” and it can be found by clicking my business card in the left sidebar… Until I get a little more professional that is.)
Happily Mother After

linking up with “you capture” for the photo above on the right.