Man, I really missed a few days there… I guess I needed it though. While the husband was away over the weekend I spent probably over 6 hours at the park with the puppy. We had a great time. And, I kid you not, there was a time – after 2.5 hours walking the trails at Fort Steilacoom Park and snapping photos with my D90, that I just sat down on a log in the middle of an open field. I shut my eyes and felt the warmth of the sun on my face… I haven’t been that relaxed in MONTHS… What a blissful moment that was. Then a few preteen boys rounded the corner and I heard one of them shout – “Man! This would be a great place for a zombie apocalypse!”… My kinda kids. I couldn’t help but laugh.
So… I’m catching up here with what should have been up a few days ago – my project 366. One of the things I’m learning in this process is I need to take photos with a little more variety… Otherwise at the end of the year I’m pretty sure I’ll just think that all I did was snap pics of the dog and stare at the cello. I’ll work on that for this coming week.
Finally… Friday – February 3rd – it was desperately needed (as you can see)
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All project 366 photos taken via instagram! @chrisklas or online here!