I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve posted a “Thankful Thursday” (obviously too long)… But I woke up this morning and (not immediately – I’m not THAT blog obsessed… yet) thought about how I hadn’t taken any pictures in so long… The acquisition of the i-phone has hurt my photography more than I thought… I used to lug around the D-90, now I just bring the i-phone… but I miss having the real thing on my person at all times. 
So – I went into the living room and followed my normal routine of throwing open the drapes to the back deck and crossing my fingers for a snow-capped lake. No go. as usual. Hoping for snow in the winter (in my neck of the woods) is almost as ludicrous as hoping for snow in July… We’re nestled neatly between the Olympics and the Cascades and still… no snow. 
Alas, when the bright morning sky flooded the room there was no snow on the lake but everything was resting under a blanket of frost – still beautiful. So – I grabbed the little macro adapter my folks bought me for Christmas (thank you!) and I tested it out. I’m certain my neighbors thought I was crazy when they came out of the house and saw me half into the bushes trying to capture the ice crystals on film. Or maybe not. They are used to crazy – this is Tillicum after-all… 
So. On mornings like today, I’m thankful for carports. So I can start up the car and go. No scraping required.